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Assessment & Treatment When Help Is More Than One Hour Away

The American Red Cross

Together we can save a life…

Providing You With The Skills You Need When Help Is Delayed

Whether you’re a Boy Scout, an outdoor enthusiast or you work in a remote environment,  Wilderness and Remote First Aid Training course gives you the skills you need to respond to an emergency when help may be delayed.F

Outdoor Training For Outdoor Skills

We believe that Wilderness and Remote First Aid is best taught outdoors… in the wilderness instead of classroom.

Its one thing to sit in a classroom, pretend it’s dark and raining, and talk about finding a branch to make a splint.  Its another thing however, to  actually find a branch in the dark with a flashlight, and improvise materials to bind or sling from the supplies on your back or in the woods around you.

Realistic Scenarios

The training scenarios make extensive use of moulage, including simulated blood, and are designed to be as realistic as possible.  

Victims are trained to exhibit the appropriate level of pain intensity for each scenario, and have been known to adapt to an observed weakness in the actions of the caregiver attending them.

Wear old clothing that will not be ruined if accidentally stained by simulated blood or other body fluids.

Sponsoring Organizations
What You Need To Know !

This Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid course is taught completely outdoors and consists of a minimum of 16 hours of instruction.

It will be unlike any classroom Red Cross Basic First Aid course you have taken.

The following organizations have reviewed or expressed support for the American Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid course:

Sierra Club

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What You Want To Know !

Prerequisites to participate or receive your certification in this course are:

If you do not have a current CPR/AED certificate you may participate in the class but your certification will not be submitted until you have provided evidence that the CPR/AED certification is received.

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Mail: info@bsawildernessfirstaid.com